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Maybe now, uneducated morons will quit hating on metro and stop using the phrase from 10 years ago, "yeah it's cheap but good luck getting service". I'm so sick of seeing idiots saying that. All they are trying to do is justify their 100 dollars a month contract cell phone bill. And the fact that someone can pay 40 a month, get amazing phones, first to lte and get good data speeds just doesn't sit well with them so they gotta hate on the one thing that sucked about metro when they first came out over ten years ago. Lol

Sorry. Went on a rant there.

And to the haters here talking trash cause they are butt hurt they don't have the money to buy the phone, take it somewhere else. Let us be happy that we are getting the best phone on the market. It's not anyones fault you can't afford it but don't talk ridiculous trash because of it. Yes something better well be out soon. We don't care. We care about the S3.

Regardless, it's almost here. Being an ADULT it's hard to get excited about things and i for one am giddy as a 13yo school girl.
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