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Originally Posted by Thom Little View Post
This environment needs patches and this environment needs to make all pre-installed apps optional. Updates to pre-installed apps should be distributed through Play Store and not the system OTA.
Actually, most pre-installed apps are updated that way. They can also be updated by an OTA (which has its advantages - the updates are installed to the /system partition rather than taking up extra space in the /data partition, where all user-installed apps and data are stored.)

Originally Posted by Thom Little View Post
It is my understanding that there are no pre-installed apps included on the iPhone5 from Verizon. Is that correct?
Yes, to a point. Apple does have some pre-installed apps of their own design that cannot be removed, whether you want them or not. Clearly Apple, with its three iPhone models being sold at any given time, all with extreme popularity, has market strength with the carriers that Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG, et. al., do not have. But that's a discussion for another thread or forum...

Originally Posted by Thom Little View Post
1. All pre-installed software is optional. Updates are distributed through Play Store and not the OTA.
2. Motorola/Verizon needs to support a mechanism to install incremental patches without a full release.
I can't help but agree, but, as I said, most of the pre-installed apps are being updated through the Play Store (the Google apps GMail, Maps, the Play Store itself, as well as the Blockbuster app, most of the Verizon VCast apps, the NFL app - all of these have Play Store updates available after you do a factory reset.)

However, a major problem is that these apps are pre-installed in the /system partition, which is not writable by the user at all. When you factory reset a phone, this area is not wiped, but the /data partition - where user apps are installed - is wiped. If the phone had these apps pre-installed there, the factory reset option would need some sort of mechanism to write the apps to the /data partition (or, perhaps, to the media area on internal storage) - but, any sort of script like that is subject to error. It is far, far easier for Verizon to specify that these apps be installed in a place where they will always reliably remain for their handful of users who may want them.

Also, I believe that ICS ad later has a mechanism to allow a user to hide, and never run, any pre-installed app - so this problem is essentially solved. Also, Google will be releasing Android OS code to more of their OEMs prior to the open-sourcing of the version with AOSP, rather than with a single partner as they co-develop a Nexus device for that release, so time to update *should be* improved going forward. In the case of Motorola, their ICS builds seem to have less Blur-ish customization compared with prior versions of Android, so, going forward, development of updates should be easier. Finally, Motorola has said that they will be releasing fewer devices going forward, something that seems to have proved true in 2012, so there will be fewer devices requiring upgrade development as time goes by. We can only hope that this will mean that getting updates will no longer take nearly a year to complete, and hopefully will happen in a matter of a couple of months rather than several.

Originally Posted by Yeltnerb View Post
Partly true, folklore has it that Steve Jobs wanted Verizon as the launch carrier but couldn't come to an agreement with him. When he went to ATT it turned out that they were game, had a GSM network (so he didn't have to make other devices for overseas) and were willing to take the terms from Apple.
Just to be "that guy", a minor correction: the deal was originally with Cingular Wireless, which was later bought and rebranded by AT&T. AT&T purchased the terms of the contract along with Cingular...
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