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Originally Posted by lewwill View Post
"I have been thinking about the long delayed update and have been guilty along with others of putting the majority of the blame on VZ. However, if flash is the holdup and it didn't work in previous builds but works now in build .246 (from other forums) then since Moogle writes the updates then they are responsible. I think they may have had the gig crew at the sweeps when they needed the varsity. Sometimes it is difficult to teach a hamster to say "row". Even if Flash was not the problem there was apparently a defect in the previous builds causing VZ to reject them and Moogle to write others (several in fact). This is purely a suspicion on my part based on information from blogs, tech sites, other forums etc. and is not conclusive but does seem reasonable. VZ has, on the other hand, been extremely generous in swapping out phones for customers, often numerous times. I feel fairly sure that VZ is having growing pains with the LTE network based on several trips I have taken recently, Columbus OH just this past weekend, where I had superb LTE reception.(our hotel was right under a tower) with minimal and very short drops. Speed was excellent as was GPS navigation. Performance on my stock GB Bionic was excellent.

I have a lot invested in my Bionic, numerous accessories, and my coveted unlimited data. I do not want to mod my phone or update too soon but I do want a solid ICS OTA. I am encouraged by Mr. Soni's statements and continue to wait for the OTA and more communication."

The above is a partial copy of a post on another forum. Tuesday has come and gone and yes, there is apparently a soak in progress......for the Atrix. What have Bionic owners been told? Nada, just more rumors. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the rumors since that really seems to be the only information we are getting. As for Mr. Soni........strike one!
No one said Flash was the holdup by itself.

I pointed out that .246 fixed Flash issues that were prevalent in every ICS leak previous. That was not the only fix, just the one that was the easiest to verify.

And, I'll say it again - 4G has been rock solid on ICS leaks, and the phone is tons more responsive even without freezing all of the bloatware that comes installed.

As for blaming VZW, well, yes, you have to, b/c until VZW says yes Moogle is forced to keep going back to the drawing board to change things. As things get delayed they then also have to update patches for system apps as well as newer versions of those are released in the Play Store.

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