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Originally Posted by Liam548 View Post
so let me get this right, no 4G and nothing larger than 16gb as standard? Samsung are letting themselves down
4G isn't that essential for everyone. For one it's not even going to be widespread in the UK until autumn next year. Everywhere I go now i get Wifi which is as fast as I need to watch youtube surf etc.

Plus my current deal is 12 monthly with unlimited data. I imagine anything 4G I go for being brand new service will be expensive and tie me into some kind of contract. Being happy with my current coverage I probably wouldn't pay extra for 4G anyway. It would be nice to say it was on the phone from a technical standpoint, I just don't think it's a deal breaker for everyone.

16gb with 64gb memory card is more than enough for me and I would guess would work out cheaper than a 64GB Galaxy Note 2 anyway. So it depends on the user how important these features are. Looking at the Galaxy Note 2 itself I think it's very hard to say samsung are "letting themselves down" when you look at the actual product.
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