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Originally Posted by Bren S. View Post
*squashes bug*
Pasop Bren dot S dot dot dot dot dot!

Watch out!

(Pasop means: Be careful!)

I might just eat your cornflakes and freak you out by crawling over you in the middle of the night waking you up and causing insomnia and eventually driving you BAT CRAP cRaZy and finally admit yourself into a psychiatric ward from lack of sleepies.....

Don't mess with the best!

I don't usually warn people or give warnings but I have very tall / high and freaking strong friends in high places much bigger than me!!!

I might be small but my friends are not!

You have been warned bruizette!

They will find you and then hurt you..... Bren dotty dot dot dot dot S dot dot dot dot dotty dot S dotty dot.

Hmm yes I am about to ask an extremely important question here...

Ja very important actually!

Why is there a "." or full stop in your name Bren S.?

Hmmm does it represent the circle of life?!

(It is now time for a good idea and bad idea... I choose BAD idea! Yeah!)

I just KNEW you were smarter than you look!


Don't hurt me it wasn't my fault as I was dropped on my head when I was 5 minutes old!

Nothing is my fault ever!

Stop with the slapping and the screaming!


You're hurting me!

Help help help!

SOME ONE, ANY ONE help me and stop her beating me!

Help help heeeelp!

She is trying to kill me!

Out walking me Roach Coach ek se!

Brb in 1 000 years
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