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Default Building multiple stores

It took me a while to figure this out. The way to get multiple stores is to sell your store and then build another one. When you sell your store it generates the same if not more cash than it costs to build one so you will always be able to build another store of the same type after selling one. You are only able to "own" one of each store at a time when it comes to building stores but you can own as many as you want if you buy them from your competitor. So to meet the goal of owning 3 furniture stores, you would have to build one, sell it, build another, sell it , and then build another so that there are three out there, one owned by you, 2 owned by you competitor. You will eventually be able to buy the stores back from them. This gets tricky for the rounds where you need high revenue/ cash as well as multiple stores since you run out of time to build cash and buy them back. Generally your competitor never builds the most expensive stores (furniture and electronics) so you can't wait for them to build one to buy it from them. The other stores you might only have to build/sell/build in order to get 2 of that type of store out there since you competitor will likely have built one of their own allowing 3 of a type of store to be out there. Make any sense? This technique will come in handy on the harder levels (full version) where you need revenue/ cash of $100,000 or more at the same time and multiple store locations. Bulding one of each store will never meet these goals. You end up having to build/sell/build multiple high end locations (jewelry, electronic, furniture stores) in order to reach the high revenue goals.

Some more tips for a successful Shopper's Paradise experience:
1. Always grab the first store lot by where the shopper's first enter. This store will always get the most business. You have to be quick when you first click on the level and then the OK on the goal screen otherwise you competitor will get to it first. If they beat you to it, just exit and start over so you can be quicker.
2. The clothing store is the first affordable store that draws the most revenue. The ice cream shop is worthless and the coffee shop is OK in the begining levels but the clothing store consistently provides steady revenue.
3. The movie theatre has high capacity but shoppers stay in there for a long time so you miss out on many shoppers. Good for lower levels or when you have cash to burn but I would hold out for the book store or shoe store if you can.
4. The pharmacy is another store that I never buy since its revenue's are low. I would rather have a three star upgraded clothing store over a 3 star pharmacy.
5. You are able to demolish your stores. While that might seem crazy at the lower levels when you start having high revenue/ cash goals, that cofee shop will not be doing much for you. Sometimes I have bought a ice cream shop on a key lot (right by where the shoppers enter) to save the spot and then demo it to make room for a better store once I have enough cache on hand.
6. When you play the "hard" version of a level, the competitor will begin buying your stores out from under you. There is no way of stopping this. They usually do it as soon as you buy one of their stores. They also start upgrading their stores faster causing the sale price to rise. I would try to upgrade my stores to their max before trying to buy a competitor so that you will get a high price for the sale of your store (when they force you to sell) and can afford to build/ buy another one quickly.
It took me a long time and lots of playing to figure these things out. Experiment with the sell/ build, demo/ re-build concepts to see what will earn you the most revenue/ cash.
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