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Hi guys, I'm new and this is my first post. I noticed after the 2.3.6 update my battery life was sucking too. So i googled it and found this thread.

After reading every post I learned that most of you guys had wifi turned on and once you turned off wifi that the battery life improved dramatically. Well, here's my situation:

I NEVER use wifi, I always have it turned off, and my battery life still sucked after the 2.3.6 upgrade! Grrrr... I also noticed that after the upgrade the following items were taking most of the battery:

-Cell standby
-Android system
-Android OS

First off, cell standby should only register during the periods of time where your phone can't find a signal. Before the update, cell standby would only use a small percentage (like 2% percent) because the only time I was without a signal was in an underground parking garage. Now cell standby takes about 15% percent, and when I click on details, it usually shows "time without a signal: 0m." In other words, it's NEVER without a signal, so this should not take ANY battery life.

Also, Android system and Android OS would usually take only 5 - 10% percent (combined) of the battery life before the update, but now they are taking about 30%!

WTF?!?! I'm going to try and do a few full battery cycles like others have suggested and see what happens. I have a feeling like the OS might just be reporting the battery life incorrectly because, just like the battery has been draining faster, the battery has also been charging a lot faster too. So this makes me think...

I'll update this thread in about a week and let everyone know what happens.
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