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Originally Posted by alsaces daddy View Post
I'm a simpleton. I can't figure out how to compare the two. Oh well... I'll just relish in the glory of knowing my older brother is dumber than me.
Originally Posted by kymberlin View Post

put in both models... Black and white !
Originally Posted by alsaces daddy View Post
Does anyone have a gs3 vs Icrap 5 spec comparison that I can see? I gotta show my brother because he thinks iPhone is better
My boss is trying to decide between the two right now, and I went nuts researching and compiling and made a really nice simple list for him, with comments at the bottom.

The only problem is that it's only saved on my work computer.

I will try and get it for you ASAP!! I think you'll like it. Honestly, I love the CRAP out of my SGS3, and I've owned only Android smartphones since they came out (before that Windows Mobile 6x...) However, the build quality and aluminum feel of the new iPhone 5 are exceptional. One thing I hate about all iPhones is how so many people will get them. I would rather not have what everyone else has. I love my Mini Cooper S. Even though there are a few Mini's around here, very few are S models, and the Cooper itself is not that common.

The SGS3 is pushing it, though. TONS of people are getting them. I think that my logic might be flawed though, because whether it's an iPhone OR an android phone, more people having them means more support, more bug fixes, and more accessories, which is WIN, right?!

Anyways, I will not be buying the iPhone 5 for myself, but I certainly understand and comprehend the difficulty of the decision my boss has. I could probably influence him in one way or another, but I'm not going to do that, because he has the iPhone 4 now, and he does have quite a bit of iDevice infrastructure going on. It can be a cumbersome transition to leave behind that ecosystem (iStuff) for an entirely new one (Google).

I will point out two huge disappointments on the iPhone 5, and my main criticisms on my list:

1. No NFC. This SUCKS. There is so much potential and utility in NFCs future, and with Apple's excellent Passport software, an NFC payment system for them would just make a whole lot of sense. They probably couldn't fit the antenna in there and still make it a full mm thinner than the SGS3.

2. The connector. That's a big EFF YOU to Apple faithful AND the rest of the world. I don't know how the EU lets them around it just by having an adapter. Bah. Adapter shmudapter. Bunch of malarkey! Just get MHL compliant microUSB. I know Apple has never been that way and never will, but that doesn't mean that Apple is RIGHT. Samsung's wireless charging beats the snot out of Lightning, although we're still patiently (or impatiently) waiting for it:

Samsung Galaxy S3 to get wireless charging in September |

I also gripe about no removable storage, but again, it's the way they've always been. Still, doesn't make it right.

I'll get you that full list as soon as I can!
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