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Does any body here know how to speak "STINKY STINKY"????

It is a great language that has been passed down from generation of troglodyte - err person to person and only known to those that know it!

It is like the Illuminati / The Free Masons or... like a ham sandwich!

THAT'S the word I was looking for!

It is like a ham Sandwich!

I like ham!

Sorry fat piggies but you guys taste freaking awesome...

Message to Porkies / Piggies / Varke:

You foolish pigs must evolve yourselves to taste like dog turds.. then you will then take over the planet and who knows maybe the universe!

One... pig... at... a.... time!

WOW that is one AAAAAAAAAAAAANGRY pig if I do say so myself!

Out walking me Roach Coach ek se!

Brb in 1 000 years
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