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Originally Posted by ddoyle777 View Post
What I'd really like to know, as I wait and wonder which of these two devices would be best for me, is this: is the pen really useful? I think the S3 is fast enough and big enough, but does the pen work well?
I've got an iPad, and a bunch of stylusy things, and none really work well for note taking.
Thanks in advance.
The S-pen kills any stylus I've ever used on a least when it comes to the newer S-pen. Ever since I got my first smartphone (Samsung i500 that included a stylus), I've been a fan of integrated stylus configurations and was a little disappointed when it started to get phased out of designs.

If you really want to get an idea of how good it is, venture into your local Best Buy and try out the S-pen with the Note 10.1. That experience alone made me consider the Note 10.1/Slate Series 5/Slate Series 7 for Samsung, as my next tablet (sold my Flyer cuz the HTC stylus was awful at writing recognition).

Once the Note 2 was confirmed to be heading to Sprint, it zoomed to the top of my list for my final 1 year upgrade (which I've been holding on to since July). Quite honestly, you won't really understand until you've actually used it yourself. That's why I was so happy that Best Buy had Note 10.1's on display with the S-Pen available to try. Before this, I was actually considering the Lenovo Thinkpad tablet PC, but from all the reports I've read, the S-pen blows the Thinkpad Tablet PC stylus out of the water (no competition).

I can also attest to the pressure sensitivity on the new S-Pen. I have AWFUL handwriting, but the pressure sensitivity allowed for my writing to look just as legible to me as it would on a piece of paper. Without that pressure sensitivity, I think my writing would look worse on a tablet (using a stylus). Best example I could give is, the stores that have the electronic signature device w/ stylus always make people's signatures look awful. If the S-pen and Samsung technology were on those things, signatures would look very much true to a person's actual signature.
Love the G-Note series!
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