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Originally Posted by AdelitaCampbel View Post
I am trying not to freak out here...

This is my first post so please forgive me if I leave out information.

I had a system update that I installed 2 days ago (no idea if this is why I am having this problem).

I have NO SD card in my phone.

All pics and videos taken get put on the internal storage.

Yesterday, I took some pictures like normal and when I went to look at them maybe an hour or two later, ALL of my photos were gone except the ones I had just taken. I started to panic and show my husband what was going on. He took a couple pictures of the kitchen and when I went to look at them (a mere 15 mins later), the ones I had taken earlier in the day were gone AND the ones in the kitchen were gone. ZERO photos on my phone can be found.

I started frantically googling what the problem might be but all I have found is take out the SD card and remount it...but I have no SD card.

I downloaded quickpix app and can see ALL my photos via the app! But on the phone's album, there is nada. I also plugged my phone in to my computer and can't find any pictures in the DCIM folder or anywhere.

So before I take it to Sprint, I thought I would post here.

Has this happened to anyone before? My daughter just turned 18 months and I have all of her pictures on there! I am devastated that her pics might be gone forever...

Any insight is much appreciated.

Welcome. I feel badly about your situation, must be a terrible feeling.
Don't worry too much, the images are probably not gone or deleted. The pictures are probably still there

Normally I would have a few suggestions to try, however since you are dealing with extremely delicate data and I'm not physically there to help I'm not going to suggest any fixes to try for fear of overwriting the data.

Just because they are not showing in the gallery does not mean they are gone. Sometimes the Gallery application can have hidden folders or malfunction and not display things correctly. It is a side issue, your main focus should be the image files.

Quickpix could possibly be showing the files from a new file directory, or there could be thumbnail files leftover that this application is finding and displaying for you. Another side issue of sorts.

I would recommend highly not taking any more pictures. If in fact they were deleted, there is a slight chance that taking a new pictures or adding new data could overwrite the location of previous pictures which you are wanting to find and maybe recover.

The update could be a significant detail here, during an update they possibly could have been temporarily moved or cached to install the new software. Not sure where this takes place or where they would be stored (they normally get moved and put back), but just know that it is a function of some updates.

I also would not take it to Sprint. The chance of them losing your data forever is too risky in my opinion. You would be better off if you know a friend or acquaintance who knows quite a bit about phones and can investigate for you without modifying the current set up until it has been determined the pictures are found or were indeed deleted. If you find the images well then success! If you find no trace or find that they were deleted there are some recovery options out there.

For the future I recommend implementing a plan for scheduled physical back ups. And as a golden rule always always always do a back up before installing an update or modifying the phone.

Hope this all works out the easy way and you find the files.
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