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Originally Posted by MetalLink View Post
Just got it myself today. I'm upgrading from the Moto Triumph, here's what I think so far of the Reverb:

Needs to get rid of TouchWiz; Go find Nova or Apex launcher ASAP on the Play Store. The hardware feels awesome, just a tad lighter than the Triumph, and it's nowhere the sluggishness that was mentioned in that one negative review on VM's website (I don't know, maybe she's used to a six-core phone or some nonsense). The 1.4GHz processor does it's job well enough and is helped by the fact that the phone runs Ice Cream Sandwich. That Froyo and Gingerbread weren't the quickest things around on other devices. Zooming around in Maps, and browsing the web feel great. But the camera is average in speed.

The Reverb has a plastic chrome band all around the edge of the phone, the back is a textured plastic that won't slip like butter. Feels more solid than the Triumph. Sound is great thanks to a single, large speaker on the back (that's large by my phone standards); helpful for speakerphone calls and videos. Call quality is also pretty damn good, it can be loud if you want it to be. If you use search a lot, and voice search by pressing and holding the search button on other Android devices, you're gonna miss it on the Reverb (the menu button will bring up search, but not voice search). But it has a dedicated camera button on the bottom-right side!

Ultimately, I wish I could get rid of TouchWiz entirely, hide the battery meter and also hide the AM/PM indicator on notification bar (I know when it's dark outside). So I'll be looking forward to any custom AOSP or CM9 projects.
u can use the id packs
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