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Originally Posted by nancy30 View Post
I have seen the videos looks like a great game has anyone played to then do share the video walkthrough
Its pretty good like most everyone in here is saying. They added more gun/grenade models.

The class skills are as follows.

Commando-sentry~full custom
The commando like a few of the other classes are improvements on the old. Your turret doesn't start with anything but with talent points you can give I've it more barells,flamethrowers,etc. You can now stick it on walls/ceilings.

Siren-phaselocking~enemy edition
Instead of disappearing from reality, you lock an enemy in a free floating orb, enemy can't attack/move, you auto crit. Later skills allow for healing, autores, and mind control.

Gunzerker~tanking-better than brick
When you gunzerk you instantly regen 50% HP, reload all your weapons, small HP regen, damage debuff, ammo seven except for rockets. Latter you get a taunt skill, if your unfamiliar it means that you basically grab enemie(s) attention either off a teammate or off the bat.

Zer0-big numbers.
Zero is probably the most revamped. His ability is to throw out a clone decoy image and turn invisible for something like 6s. While in it enemies can't target you but you can receive damage. The longer you stay in the more damage your melee or shots will do, grenades are ineffective. Early on your melee can be boosted considerably and later you can grab a talent that resets the timer while you're clocked for getting a one shot melee. Enabling boss one shots.
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