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OH MY GOD! Mine sucks too >=O I really don't kow what the big deal about it is. What sort of issues are you having? My issues are "minor" I guess, but when they happen as often as they do, the little nuisances add up enough to really piss a person off.

1. Wifi seems to dis- and re-connect on its own, so I don't know when it's using my data plan or wifi. I'll be watching movies on Netflix on wifi thinking it won't use up any of my data plan, but nope -- ate up almost 0.2g.
2. The SWYPE on this phone is HORRENDOUS. I had the Droid Bionic before thsi phone and the SWYPE was great -- probably got the right word 95% of the time. With this new Galaxy S3, it's like 50-50. And the suggestions it comes up with are ridiculous and NOWHERE NEAR what the letters I actually hit. For example, I'm trying to SWYPE 'day' and I get 'rayban'. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! And 'tho' turns into 'the', 'him' turns into 'Yoon' (a Korean last name), 'weird' turns into 'were' which is closer but i'm still HITTING THE D that it just won't recognize, and last but not least 'very' turns into 've', cuts off two whole letters.
3. A new issue, I've left my phone idle by itself in the car for about two hours now and the screen hasn't turned off. WTF. I changed no settings prior to this starting to happen; the screen just won't turn off anymore.
4. I have many of my apps in folders to organize them, and I'll have them arranged in a certain order. The damn phone likes to randomly REORGANIZE them! STOP IT! JUST STOP IT!

You can see how these little annoyances really add up. UGH.
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