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Originally Posted by dethofevolutio View Post
I got my spectrum off craigslist. I have owned pretty much every phone for Verizon this is not my favorite phone but its good its better than the razr that's for.sure .
I only have 2 problems no ics and the lack of any news regarding it. I read in July it was coming any day now and I have heard nothing since then. anyone know what happened?
I contacted LG about it and the woman simply told me she was not sure. she also told me she couldn't find anything in her computer that the spectrum was still going to receive the update that means nothing but its really disappointing that such a powerful phone is bogged down by shitty ui and outdated software.

my other problem is I like to put custom roms on phone but there is not shit for the spectrum such a poor developer community for the spectrum there are maybe 2 horrible roms for the phone
blame lg for the lack of roms... we do have 4 or 5.. but all are based on stock..
and if you dont like the choices... do what i did and make your own rom

ive ran into so many issues with the spectrum.. but overall i think it could be an amazing phone... the processor we have is amazing. plus the clear hd screen..
my only dislike is gingerbread... i think if we had a solid built os most of the specs problems would be solved..

im only keeping mine for the hopes of a ota update... or d2a getting his project finished... until then.. im happily running jellybean on my fascinate
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