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Originally Posted by iflames666 View Post
Well, its not the greatest phone in the world but its ok.
The thing is, it's probably NOT okay. Most of these un-branded cheapo phones are nothing short of garbage. I see them all the time, every cheapo tech store in town has them. BTW I live in China.

Originally Posted by iflames666 View Post
Now im thinking in bought this one:

Smartphone X18i - Android 2.3 Dual Sim UMTS | Buy online with

It looks like the xperia arc.

Im not looking for an Galaxy SIII or something, just one that has android + dual sim + 4.1 inch. Is mostly for working.
€250 is a heck of a lot of money for that thing. 144MB memory, 650Mhz CPU, as well as the rather pointless analogue TV, don't even know who made this phone, but it's more than likely some fly-by night Shenzhen tech shop that does fake iPhones as well. This sort of very basic Android dual-SIM now sells here in China for around €50-€100, and they can be rather crappy as well. Non of these phones have Google Play either, if that's important to you. Will more than likely have a Chinese app store, and be pre-loaded with Chinese apps.

IMO like buying something that looks like Ferrari but only has the guts of a Yugo, but you're paying the Ferrari price for it. If one is going to pay a significant amount of money for a Chinese dual-SIM Android, at least get a quality one from a recognised reputable manufacturer like Huawei, Changhong, ZTE or Lenovo. Another thing, there's even counterfeits of famous Chinese brands now. Chinese faking Chinese, so that's something else to beware of.
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