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Originally Posted by Dual_HD View Post
Very interesting, really you can O/C this box ? if you get all the source code you need?
I can't see why not..
most chips are under clocked for health reasons..
manufacturers want them to run at a stable speed for the hardware matched to them..
if we are able to them control the governor's via the kernels..then in theory we should be able to O/C.
The M1-3000 is advertised with a ARM Contex A9, 800Mhz - 1000gHz clock speed..the stock kernel is limited it to 800 on mine.
thus I am missing out on that extra 200gHz-400ghz..

My 1000gHz transformer has been running for a year on 1480 with no drama's and some run them to 1700..
So I am betting we can a comfortable 1200- 1400 out of these box's if we get a kernel that opens these speeds up to use to play with..
As to we have a internal fan and mine seems well ventilated..minus the harddrive at this this will introduce heat into the area as well..

discussion on it..
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