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Originally Posted by Sandroidfan View Post
Note 2's multi window feature is very impressive.

Galaxy Note 2′s Multi-Window Feature is Impressive – Droid Life
Holy Crap. Am I seeing what i actually seeing?
I looks like they fixed the one issue (most) reviewers had with the mult-view mode on the Note 10.1 tablet. That it could only be used with the Samsung apps and not other ones. I see a few more apps.
On my Note 10.1 I can only use the Internet, Video Player, Polaris Office, gallery and Email. then if you then include the hovering apps you get: Alarm, calculator, Email, Music Player, S-Note, S-Planner, Task manager and World Clock.

if you look at time index 2:14 on the first video you see the following apps that can be used in multiview mode.
Internet (regular stock browser)
YouTube (thats new)
Gmail (also new)
Google Plus (also new)
S-Voice (also new)
G-talk (also new)
Video player
Facebook (also new)

Thats awesome. (But i get a feeling that they are Samsung enhanced versions still)

I do find it odd that the manuals do not mention anything about multiview mode or which apps are used for it.

Also notice that it has paper Artist. An app that i recently downloaded to both my Note 10.1 and Note 5.3 and its pretty awesome.

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