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My Connect pisses me off. Some days it's great and I get a full work day out of my 3850Mah battery, and some others I get 4 hours before it's dead without even picking it up. It also randomly heats up in my pocket, I have to power cycle it to get 4G back and it doesn't work when I REALLY need it to, like using GPS or needing to google something. It's heavy, clunky and all of my apps that updated themselves to work for JB users now slow my phone to a stupor. It is a great phone spec-wise, I want to like it as much as I did with my Optimus M, but there are just too many issues with it *cough*BATTERY*cough*. I don't think I will be buying another LG device. S3 is on my to-do list, but I have this major hatred for Samsung to overcome first LOL... I'm hoping somebody will at least try 4.X ICS or JB with the Connect!!!!!
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