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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
I will add to my comments that it seems to me that Europe is the complete opposite of the US. Here in the US we read stories about people wanting their houses blurred on Google Maps and are amused. It doesn't make any sense at all that people would care if a corporation has that information. I can drive down the street and see your house. Why does it matter if Google has this information?
Not sure I can agree or disagree with you. I can see that 1947 Indian Chief in your back yard and it just so happens, I need parts. I do not see a problem with Google Maps; I see opportunity.

I guess it boils down to one more little bit on info about you is out there on the web and if Google is allowed to roam free, where does it stop? Suppose Google photographed your house in such a way that we could see inside the windows? I can see that from the street, too.

I bet someday, Google launches a satellite that gives us real time video of what is happening in the country. That would be uber cool, but scary. I could see when your house is clear of people and break in.

I can see where the bushes are around your house so that might make it easy to break in undetected. By the way, you really need to trim your plum tree, it is a tad messy.

I do think with every passing day, smart computers gather a little more personal info and make it available to anyone who needs it. For better or worse, our private lives are open, available and some of the tihngs one can do amazes and shocks even me.

Perhaps demanding that Google blurs our homes is a good thing because if millions of us made the request, Google might decide to slow things down a bit. They are not about to make changes until it costs them money not to make changes.
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