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Originally Posted by ocnbrze View Post
yeah it is not like there are not any other pollinators out there. bees are just one of many that pollinate flowers. plus i have faith in humanity in that we will find a way to pollinate our crops, if it comes down to it.

i'm curious as to the origins though of the zombie flies. where did they come from? and why are we now noticing this problem?
Heck, I am not sure the original data is correct. Or incorrect for that matter. Sadly, I do not care enough to research it. Today, I am researching NFC and I do not like NFC, go figure, so I have little time.

The thing about polls and surveys is this: one must always go to the source data. One must consider the person posting the polls and evaluate his or her conclusions because he or she might have an agenda. If so, toss out the poll, survey, or article and refer to Wikepedia. That guy knows it all.
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