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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post

I understand that LTE is the future.
but when sprint first started to promote the Vision plan.. they have stated a few times.. that it would improve all sprint data networks.

but lets just go with your version.. and it is only LTE that will improve.. and 3G will stay at the dial-up speeds.. that more than 75% (maybe even more than 90%) of sprint customers are still on.

either way you look at this..
So Sprint believes and you think it is ok for this???

sprint is not living up to customer expectations!!
Where did "my version" say that 3G would/would not improve? I never said anything along the lines of what you said I did. I did not intend to speak upon 3G, my understanding is that it, too, will improve with NV. I just said WiMax would not improve (as you repeatedly say it will/should). Dan, WiMax is not part of NV! But, If you can provide a link that says otherwise... that Sprint (or Clear) said WiMax would improve as part of the Network Vision upgrades, I would like to see it. Thanks!

Edit: Perhaps spending some time reading the following link will remedy your confusion.
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