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Not for nothing, I am one that will both praise and critisize Sprint or any other carrier regardless if I work for them as a advocate, mod etc. And i will say this. I agree that Sprint should have had a middle ground plan to accomodate those that are on Wimax by making sure that any phone coming out between the announcement of going LTE to the completion of Network Vision also include Wimax radios so they won't be left out in the dark, but I also understand from a financial point it would have been to prohibitive to do so.

As for Sprint stating that wimax would be included in the network Vision upgrade. Sorry but that was never said.

And finally, it would be naive to think that Sprint (or any carrier) can upgrade its network from the ground up like what Sprint is doing in the amount of speed that most are wanting it to do. Most want it done yesterday and that is simply impossible. Especially in the most heavily populated areas where there are antennas every block or so on top of building that need access to be scheduled ahead of time. Personnally I am amazed at the progress that they are at.

I myself saw the writing on the wall many moons ago and decided that I did not want to be left out in the cold with my Wimax phone, so I decided to get the TriFi hotspot, which covers all three 3G, 4G Wimax and 4G LTE. granted most wouldn't go that route since that involves having another paying line. Just in case I too fall into a dead zone here in NYC when they start putting in LTE and stopping wimax (and not having a LTE phone).

Bottom line, I understand the fustrations that some members have over this issue. is it fair, probably not, but Sprint is doing the best it can and as fast as it can.

Members, want to make this place better, just ask the staff. Remember, the "No' is always there, you are just looking for the "Yes". and please read the guidelines, otherwise you may end up in Banlandia.

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