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Originally Posted by Sandroidfan View Post
I think those features in Note 2 would work with other launchers too. Using Nova or Apex in GS3 doesn't disable all its S-apps at all and it still has touchwiz style menus, settings everywhere. Launcher is only one part of Touchwiz, so replacing that with other launcher wouldn't affect other features.
I have teh Nova launcher on both my Note 5.3 and 10.1 and I can concur that the S-Pen apps still work fine.

Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
Okay, so I had to go to best buy to check on something, and decided to check out the note size when trying to hold the phone. So glad the note 2 is slightly smaller, cuz I couldn't hold the note 1 comfortably.
If you hold it like that then yeah it will feel a bit uncomfortable, but one gets used to holding it differently after a while.
Once can even get that Flygrip that allows you to really hold it without fearing it will fall from your hands and still reach the top right corner with one hand.

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