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Originally Posted by patronanejo View Post
I assure you this question is not might be more of a SafeStrap question, but I have yet to read the instructions twice (and bloc off three hours for trouble-shooting when it all goes to shit) so it might be a really stupid question, too: why is this even a thing?

I mean, can these ICS leaks not be SafeStrap-ed? If the best-available release doesn't merit daily-driver commitment, why wouldn't you just dual-boot it with .905?

Assuming 6.7.235+ can be installed to the safe partition, do the warnings still apply, or can I overwrite it with an earlier CDT.bin-dependent security level? To reiterate, I'm talking only about the safe (/preinstall) partition.
Thom or someone else will have to answer this in detail, but I have never heard of a dual boot option with the phone. That if you install a leak it installs over what is on there.

232 and lower can still have 905 reinstalled, but anything higher than 232 can not. Everyone says that HoB (House of Bionic) has been able to sort of apply the new leaks (like 246 over 244) and they THINK (though aren't sure) that someone on something higher than 232 can be HoB'ed to apply the final OTA update, but all of the gurus on the phone and software on all Bionic forums are very clear to say do not go past 232 unless someone knows exactly what they are doing and what the consequences may be.
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