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the fone is not a burn hazard. if the battery gets over 131f it shuts off. at that point, the outside of the fone is like 110, barely over warm. i bought mine used and i think the owner never conditioned the battery when it was new. the first day it got very hot and shut itself off 2x. it was actually draining while plugged into the charger in my work truck. i put a towel over the battery with the cover off and a ziplock bag with few ice cubes over it. the battery charged up in about 2 hours, never got hot again that day or since. i have an app called phone overheat alert and it has not gone past 104f, thats with a 2 layer case. i use "go power master" and with my setup i get 26 hours on the 1500 battery. i also rooted it and use set cpu and lowered the processors from 1188mhz to 810mhz and the fone still runs smooth as butter. these fones can do amazing things, just do a bit of research and learn a bit more before claiming faulty fones please. you can also install an widget called "2g-3g onoff", in cdma only mode it will switch to metros 3g mode. i have speed tested 1500 down and 800 up load speeds here in florida, in case that helps to keep the fone cooler while streaming radio.
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