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Originally Posted by txlancelot1975 View Post
No. You know what the computer does when you hook any device up to it?? It makes a sound and if the driver for that device wasn't installed to begin with, it would try to do it for you ~ well within Windows 7 that is. My computer wont do anything when after connecting the ASUS tablet up to it. Ive attempted to connect the tablet to other computers as well with the same transfer cable and it had the sane result.

In my view the problem lies with the Asus and not the PC, otherwise it would work on other PCs. My tf300 (slightly different I know) works fine with Windows 7 and other people's tf101s do to. From memory I did not need to do anything to my Windows 7 laptop - it just recognised the Asus when I plugged it in and asked me what I wanted to do with it. All I needed the Asus software for was to Sync with Outlook and use splashtop IIRC.

Have you tried a factory reset? You could also try something as simple as changing the cable in case that is at fault.

If those do not work then I suspect there is probably a problem with the Asus. What it is I haven't a clue. And if you don't know then all you can try is getting it done under warranty and hoping they do not notice your DIY fix.
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