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Originally Posted by justaneonlol View Post
The fact that the phone won't set off the alarm when it's powered off is a dealbreaker amuses me.

You have two options, buy an alarm clock, or leave the phone powered on at night. Both options aren't that difficult and the average user should be able to accomplish one of these.

If not, I guess return the phone.
Thanks for the reply. Glad to be able to provide amusement!

The two options you state do not, for obvious (I would have thought) reasons, provide entirely desirable solutions.
The battery life of the phone is poor enough without it having to be left turned on all night. As for the alarm clock suggestion, that fails because it would be yet another device to carry around should I be staying away. (Never-the-less I may try to re-discover the alarm option on my wristwatch...)

There is of course a third option, to which you do allude, and that is to change the phone for one that provides the required function. Sadly, from what I glean from other messages, this is not going to happen with any phone that uses Android?
This isn't about buying the latest pocket-sized computer to be able to check others' Facebook statuses 24/7, it is having some useful device that fits in with and assists with a lifestyle.
Although I have no idea about your priorities, I don't doubt your enthusiasm for this platform however as a customer paying good money for this device, I may well decide, quite validly, it is the dealbreaker.
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