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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
I know many of u r uber disappointed, but I still feel the mopho is a fantastic phone.

I am however going to be looking for a volunteer to help me join the rooting world, once I use my final upgrade.
The Photon is a fantastic phone. I love how clear it is when making calls, and the good radios. I love the cardock. I love how I can read the screen in full summer sunlight.

But it would be better with ICS or JB. Because we'll never see those officially, I feel like Moto has stomped on those of us who bought into this phone and stuck by it, users and devs alike. I remember the excitement on various websites when it was announced. I remember eagerly reading posts from the one user who got his hands on a dev version early on and posted first impressions and photos. I remember comparing it to the 3Vo and the ET. The halcyon days.

But it seems Motorola never intended to really support it. It was a one-off experiment away from their home base at Verizon. And now after a few minor updates, they've completely abandoned it and we're left thinking about what could have been.

Oh well. It's still a great phone and a lesson learned for me. I'll credit Moto with that much.

- Kickapoo word for "broken promise."
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