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Originally Posted by HereticSins View Post
So after making some calculations, I will be saving 120 dollars on sprint on a two year contract with two galaxy s3's for me and my gf.
Sprint- 140*24= 3360+50+50=$3460.
Metro- 110*24=2640+520+520=$3680
Even on Verizon it wouldn't be that much different.
Not that much and for good service and speeds.
Yeah metro you don't have to keep your service but then why pay 500 dollars for a phone? Oh and on contract you can get a discount on another phone.
Just food for thought.
Can anyone give me reasons why being on one of the big four on contract is bad? Never been on one.

I'm actually on the dot paying $500 for a phone because I pay $35 for my UNLTD 4G bill every month which is half of what people pay on metro for 4G and a third, perhaps fourth of what people pay on other carriers with more decent service in my area. All those savings over the years are definitely going to the GS3
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