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Here I am minding my own damn business, replying to a few posts and I hear this ungodly buzzing noise. Thinking its a fly, I grab a bottle of Fly spray. The noise gets louder but now sounds like flapping wings. I turn and see a bat.

I scream.
I panic.
I spray it.

The bat makes a howling scream and coughs and then slaps me with its wing. I fall head on onto my keyboard.

Next thing I know I feel a sharp pain on my neck. Tingling feel all over my body. A light, I see a light. I yell "I see a bright sunny light" A female voice responds "Not for long you won't".

Darkeness before me. I get up and feel rather thristy for some reason.
I turn to the open window and see the bat flying away.
i see a business card next the to the keyboard saying "Come to the Undead Den"

Damn it i still feel that pain in my neck. Anyone have a mirror so i can see.

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