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Well, I do want a robust game, but in terms of complexity I'm not sure how complex it would be, I don't know what constitutes complex on the android platform.

Without giving too much away I can give you a rundown of all the features I'm eventually going to implement, and you can tell me what I'll need to do (stick with java or implement c++/ get a game engine).

Multiple playable characters, each with one attack/ability that recharges on hitting enemies. Multiple types of enemies, some with special things that happen on death or require certain input to kill on collision. An in game currency, and a real-money currency, for unlocking more characters. an upgrade system for the playable characters.

That's pretty much all the stuff I think would make it complex. But there is one more thing. I think I might have an idea about what was causing the frame drop. It started from the very first feature I coded in, the infinite background. I had the character stay in place. Created 2 instances of a background class with the same texture. These objects are end to end, and move past the character to simulate his movement. When the first object leaves the camera view, it's position on x is immediately changed to the other end of the second image. this was how I created an endlessly repeating background, could this be the culprit?

Well, that's enough questions for this post, so, let me know what you can tell me about the complexity of my game, and your thoughts on the above paragraph. Thank you again so much for how much help your giving me.
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