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Originally Posted by kevincott View Post
I never understood this line of thinking.

Being white/black or straight/gay or whatever is not an accomplishment or an accompishment by family/friends, so exactly why is there 'pride?'

Am I proud of being male? No, I was born male and did not 'achieve' male - it is just who I am.
My guess is that any group of straights or whites that want to have a pride parade are likely looking for a battle. Not all of them, but at least more than just a few.

That said, if your motives are pure, you should be able to have one. You might find it hard to sign up sponsors. Bad PR and all that. We know as soon as some corporate leader says he or she disagrees with gay marriage, he or she is made to suffer.

Chick-fil-a earned this as I recall. My theory is many well-off people with power agree with CFA but they do not want to suffer.

For the record, I am proud that I never went to jail.
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