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Originally Posted by ocnbrze View Post
well then going back to your original comment, when has the league gave preference to the Knicks? they have been awful for years. even though they have carmelo and amare.

and yeah the refs can be bad and never calls traveling when they should. but i do not think that they favor one team over the other.

and yeah the game has changed so much since the golden days of the 80's. i was fortunate enough to see magic and karem play for the lakers. but i still love the game. can't help it i guess if your team keeps winning
The Lakers benefit the most from the horrible reffing.

I have seen a number of links to YouTube videos, great example 2010 Game 7 going into the fourth quarter I think the Celtics had a 4 point lead. Lakers got (I think) 21 FTA, Celtics 1. Pau Gasol alone was not called for an out-of-bounds (had possession with foot OOB) and an up-and-down, both plays the Lakers scored. Again don't believe me there are plenty of YouTube videos out there. The whole series was like this but in the end of Game 7 it was insane.

There was the Kings vs Lakers Western Conference Finals 10 years ago ... I suppose there was no preference there either.

And LeBron James is widely considered the most aggressive player in the NBA both offensively and defensively but only was called for 1.5 (just looked this up) PF a game last year. Really? In the playoffs it got worse. There were a couple playoff games where LBJ had 20 FTA and 0 PF. Really? Aggressive enough to camp at the FT line but no PF? It was like the NBA was apologizing for letting LBJ foul out 1 game. Horrible.

Yes, the NBA definately favors certain teams/players.

edit: The Kincks are a more recent preference but it has been there the last 2 years.
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