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I made the move for the specs of the EVO and its future proof-ness

but in all honesty, the screen is SMALLER than the triumph in actual usability.

I mean, its 16:9 versus 5:3 of the triumph. its wider in landscape mode and taller in portrait, but its not just a straight up size boost. its an entirely different aspect ratio. so the sides in portrait are THINNER than the triumph.

even on the triumph, typing in portait mode was cramped with my gigantic thumbs and this screen has a smaller keyboard in portrait.

oh well.. I guess its a minor complaint. its not iOS, we can just flip it sideways and use the landscape keyboard in most apps. but for the few that wont, its terribly annoying.

I'm still trying to find a rom that works.

stock is bad. harmonia keeps breaking text messaging for me. mobster is nice but i dont want a ics look-alike. I want either sense or full-on real ics.

I'm on midnight right now and I have to reboot constantly to GET texts...

and yes i have the EVO 3D radio mods and new PRL installed correctly. also S-off..

in conclusion, I must say that if your looking at PURE HARDWARE and specs. the evo wins hands down, its sexy, fast, and going to support the newest versions of android for a long time.

but if we are talking about service and signal reception and being able to USE the damn thing. I miss my triumph.... it at least held a signal inside my house.

the evo is great everywhere ELSE, but I work from home and spend a LOT of time here and now im constantly missing very important calls and texts... I left a tow truck driver sitting outside my place for an hour the other day becuase none of his calls got through to me, i had to walk outside to see it.

I've lost about 1200$ worth of work from various customers by not getting their texts or calls when they actually sent them... its VERY VERY frustrating and since I'm down on work I cant afford to just move to T-Mobile or anything...
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