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Related question:

Any way to get WiFi to shut off when I leave the house?

The details: I want WiFi on in my house, and only in my house. I've set up a Smart Action to turn on WiFi when I'm at my house, and it does this beautifully.

It used to turn WiFi off when I left the house (the Smart Action's trigger no longer existed), but it seems to do this only sporadically now. (So when I'm driving down the street, it is helpfully telling me that there are WiFi networks available, and I really don't need that.)

I have another Smart Action trigger when I put my phone in the car dock, so I tried modifying that Smart Action to turn WiFi off when the phone is in the car dock. The problem with this is that, when I get in (or out of) my car in the garage, the phone is both "at home" and "in car dock," so it is simultaneously being told to turn Wi-Fi on and turn it off, and it doesn't really know what to do. (I expect its little brain to explode like a robot faced with paradox on Star Trek.)

The Wi-Fi should turn off on its own when I leave the house, as its trigger no longer exists, but it doesn't seem to want to do this any more. Ideas?
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