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Originally Posted by chas9rr View Post
Is it just me or is it REALLY quiet here? I know it hasn't been out very long, but is this normal for a new phone? I want a phone with a physical keyboard and this seems to be the best one out right now. It is getting pretty good reviews on the web, but it makes me a little worried that it seems like no one is buying this phone.
Any ideas?
I have this phone and love it. I'm on it right now. If you insist on a physical keyboard, this is the best phone in the world. People aren't buying it cos it's not trendy like an iphone or. galaxy where all their friends have it....and chances are most of the people who do are too busy using it to talk about it.

The only drawback I've seen mentioned is the camera, which is fine but obviously not amazing. I love that you can turn the flash on as a light while using the video camera...I just figured that out last night.

The screen looks awesome. I got them to hook it up to wifi at the sprint store so I could watch Gangnam Style on it from youtube; and that sold me. It looked amazing, and was LOUD. I have to have a good speaker. The Colorboost screen is a little much on occasion (the greens in The Matrix are even more over the top) but if you're not holding it next to your professionally calibrated HDTV screen, chances are you and 99% of everybody else won't be bothered by it.

I highly recommend it.
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