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Originally Posted by syi View Post
No. She. You use two of the same you get boosted DMG. Keep firing makes you more accurate the longer you shoot. There is no possible way a pistol will out DMG anything their cap is just too low. That's not to say they don't have a use though.
What good is an SMG with 800 dmg vs a pistol (revolver) with 4000+? Me thinks not much. Especially once you consider it being an elemental weapon. There's a reason why they recommend using dual pistols or dual shotguns. However, I'm not in the gunzerk tree, so I don't get all the benefits of gunzerking for mass amounts of time.

You don't have to play the class the way it was intended to be played. Your game, your decision. I just wouldn't expect to join a MP room thinking your going to get dibs on SMG's and other weapons before classes that use them primarily. Unless you're into ninja looting, which is also your prerogative.
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