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Originally Posted by ELITEWARRIOR View Post
iPhone would last me full day no problems with heavy use.the note is nowhere close sadly :-(
Lets start with the basics go into phone settings setup custom power plan. With that set at 20-30% have it disable everything and set brightness to 50% and timeout at 1-2 min. Then go back to display set the device to auto adjust brightness or set it to 75% or below. Then set screen timeout to 1-2 mins in the display settings and be sure the auto adjust screen power is ticked also. Finally make sure weather is set to auto refresh once per hour.

The biggest battery hog is GPS and Video so be sure all location services are disabled when not in use. There is a similar setting to Google location service on the iPhone you might be familiar with that eats battery just the same. You will find that the LCD itself and Streaming over LTE are the two biggest battery killers. I can play music all day long with the Music Player but Tunein Radio for example will eat my battery in just a few hours.

With these basic things you will be surprised how much your battery life will improve. I can go for three days with minimal use, two days with light use and a day with heavy use. The iPhone because of it's smaller battery can't even make two days with minimal use. The bigger the LCD the more power it eats which is why i'm betting they barely increased the screen size of the iPhone 5. Also widgets most of them barely use any power but they do consume some which is also why Apple has probably avoided them up to this point.
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