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Finished the backup/upload rather quicker than I anticipated (or maybe it just thrashed a couple gigs of my data Only one way to find out: restore! But I'm holding off on that for the mo).
Anyway, that went uneventful. Still way too many registration, login, password, email address, and PIN code barriers! You devs – I mean in general, the entire brethren – still got a lot of work to do on those ID/authentication system UIs and processes! They are still too complicated, convoluted, and confusing for Joe Blow, Jane Doe, and Aunt Meredith. I.e. 98% of the potential market!

The blocking of the possibility to backup to SDcard is pretty annoying, though!
Can't give any first user 'verdict' without having seen that in operation, as I don't intend to put my first line of defense in a backup strategy that is controlled by a 3rd party's 'cloud'. However pretty blue eyes they have.
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