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Originally Posted by n8af View Post
I have a theroy, I think it may have something to do with what this phone categorizes as "Android System". Newer phones (ICS) may have more categories to distribute the battery monitor categories. Or its just the was samsung designed their phones hardware. It may be registering the amount of power needed just to keep the phone "on". My previous phone (an HTC) used gobs of power on the display.

The thing I care about most is just making it through the day on a single charge. The stock rom (unrooted) would last 4-6 hours. Now, it lasts long enough until I plug it in just before going to bed.
Glad to see your still happy with MegaTron and now your battery life!

Also along your point: Gingerbread was only there second attempt at a ROM. The bloatware and carrier IQ was killing the battery life. With enough complaints, they took off IQ and made different kernels to speed thing up and lower power consumption.
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