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Originally Posted by jefboyardee View Post
That would be true in my and most people’s case, but if others don’t prepare for meeting the world with even that, best of luck to them.
You must not know any women then, since unless I'm mistaken most women's outfits don't have front pockets (almost certainly not big enough to hold a phone in). You also probably don't go running, since even if they have good sized pocket, you wouldn't want your cellphone flopping around in the front pocket. Or go swimming. Or any other situations where you'd want you're phone but can't carry it in your front pocket.

Besides, even if somehow "having a front pocket" was sage advice on the level of "always bring a towel with you", people don't always have the choice of what they wear, or what they can carry in their pockets.

Oh, and you apparently have never heard of "pickpockets". Depending on the jacket, your actually safer having the phone (and wallet) in the inside pocket of your jacket. It's also less likely to fall out.
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