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Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
Have to admit, iOS does have some great music recording/editing programs that Android can't match.
There's also some really nice and rather pricey hardware that plugs directly into iOS devices. Problem is Apple have ditched the 30pin dock connector with the iPhone 5, and almost certainly will do with the next iPad and iPod Touch as well. There's is an adapter available, but has problems apparently with some existing devices. Just hope that expensive Bose "Works with iPhone" speaker system or whatever works with it, else you got to chuck it out and buy a new one.

That's one of the dangers of been locked into a closed ecosystem like Apple. Something changes or is discontinued, you could have problems and endup having to spend serious amounts of money on new gear. Apparently existing BMW "Works with iPhone" car audio systems don't work properly with the iPhone 5, plus dock adapter. What do you do here, buy a new car, so it will work with your new iPhone 5?

There's one thing about standard USB plugs and TRS audio jacks (invented in the 19th century), they're pretty much standard on everything. and are not likely to go away anytime soon. All new cars I've seen here have standard USB sockets rather than proprietary iOS device sockets on their audio systems. You can plug in what you like, USB sticks and HDDs, smart-phones, even digital cameras, as long as they're FAT/FAT32 formatted and have MP3s on them, they will work. Same thing goes for most new speaker systems, TVs, cable boxes, DVD/EVD players, KTV boxes and stereos, there's some iOS 30pin dock devices as well here.

Inexpensive(and sometimes expensive) USB devices like this are extremely common here now...'s just an FM radio, with USB socket and SD-card slot to play MP3s with. I've got one, tried it with a friend's iPhone 4S, by plugging it into the USB with the Apple supplied USB lead, but didn't work well apart from charging the iPhone. Could use the line-in via the iPhone's headphone jack, that worked.
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