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Hahaha, it really is just a guy talking to a TV. That's hilarious.

Anyway, I thought the debate was interesting. Lots of MSM pundits are declaring Romney the "winner" just because he wasn't a robot, which I find puzzling. He was definitely more lively than I expected, I'll happily give him that, but he was way off the facts, and his constant departures from his own stated plans was mystifying. Obama looked sleepy and he rambled more than he should have, especially towards the beginning, but I felt like he picked it up towards the middle and end as he realized that Romney wasn't going to be a pushover. I'm hearing lots of Obama apologists saying "oh it's a chess match, he was feeling Romney out," etc etc, but I think it was just that he wasn't expecting Romney to bring it like that - inaccurate or not.

Seriously though, how can Obama be expected to debate someone who completely reneges on his own stated policy plans? Romney repeatedly tried to insist that he doesn't favor large tax cuts for the wealthy (he does), that his healthcare plan would allow coverage for those with pre-existing conditions (it doesn't), and a host of other wildly inaccurate claims - including the $716 billion from Medicare debacle, which he tried to use several times. Is he not aware that those cuts don't take any coverage away from seniors? Is he aware that he uses those same cuts in his own plan? Again, mystifying.

I think the one thing everyone can agree on is that the moderator was awful.
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