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As a daily user of iPhone 4S (now iPhone 5), and Galaxy S3 (and looking forward to the Note 2), I sympathize, slightly.

Yes, the old 30 pin accessories were really nice, I have home stereo docks for the iPhone 4S that I use to play music wirelessly. But the new iPhone 5 lightning connector is a joke, as it obsoletes all the prior accessories. I don't consider the adapter an option, as it has severe limitations, and will make the iPhone 5 physically ill-fitting for the old docks even if they worked.

In regards to iTunes, I simply hate it. The software is bloated, crashes my PC, and has caused numerous issues with my iPOS devices (including my iPads). I try to avoid it as much as I can. I updated my iPhone 4S to iPOS 6.0, and during the upgrade it randomly wiped out 70% of my music that I had loaded previously through iTunes. Sucky.

The biggest weakness of Android is the lack of good periperals. The accessories are fragmented, ie the Atrix dock doesn't work with other Android devices. There is no universal music connector that allows smart radios to remotely control playlists on Android, and not a whole lot of home audio devices that cater to Android to stream music to the most common home audio systems.

However what ever advantage Apple have had with the 30 pin connector accessory market, is vaporised and many iOS owners like myself will be relunctant to be locked again to the lightning connectors. Making it even worse is Apple's greediness of making an authorization chip for the lightning connector so you can't easily buy cheap after market connectors, as is supposedly rumored.

This is an inflection point for Apple, and I think the S3 is a far superior device to the iPhone 5. I still use my iPhone 4S because of the old 30 pin accessories, the iPhone 5 not so much.

I think you'll be going back to Android once the Apple dominance winds down, as I believe it will be doing as folks like you and me refuse to upgrade to the iPhone 5 and get locked into another set of proprietary connectors and software.
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