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I'm sorry they decided to switch to LTE, but I understand Sprint's business decision. I'm very happy with my E4GT and never had a signal issue. I'm stock and I've never accepted the ICS update so I'm still on Gingerbread. My phone doesn't drop signals but sometimes I can drive into an area that has a low signal and the performance of my data will drop. I've had my E4GT for one year now and I've always been able to lock on to the Wi-Max 4G signal when I'm at work. Right now I did a test and received 10.85Mbps down, 1.85Mbps up, and 85ms ping. This is typical. That sounds like 4G speed to me and is very comparable to Verizon's 4G LTE speeds. I admit the Wi-Max 4G signal is not strong in all areas and at home I can't even get it, but many other areas and here where I work, it does too!
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