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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
In all fairness, I think if Mitt Romney had been figuratively beaten to a pulp by Obama in the debate, you wouldn't be saying that.
I'm not sure about that. If anything, Obama handily beating Romney in a debate may have made it seem like even more of a pointless exercise since Obama was already ahead in the polls.

Romney needed the debates to try to make a dent in Obama's lead - I'm sure he knew that he had to come out swinging and going on the attack, which is just what he did. While I laud him for executing the strategy, the facts paid dearly, and while he may have "won" on "style" according to MSM pundits, the fact-checkers are tearing him apart:

Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave Of Fact Checks : It's All Politics : NPR

PolitiFact | Romney says IPAB board can "tell people ultimately what treatments they're going to receive." - Mostly False

Romney Admits Pushing Misinformation In Debate | ThinkProgress

At Last Night's Debate: Romney Told 27 Myths In 38 Minutes | ThinkProgress

An Unhelpful Presidential Debate -
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