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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
Every report of the President acting poorly comes with glowing praise of Romney. I saw the debate. The President didn't look or sound bad at all. No "looking away", watch-gazing or anything like that.

OTOH Romney's inability to control himself when it came to hogging time and always getting the last word was still creepy. Not as bad as in the primaries, but still pretty bad.

Romney probably won if only because the low information voters don't know that the chances of him keeping any of those promises are nil, based on past history.

I guess that's all that matters at this late date. Even I didn't care enough to parse the rhetoric that I've heard a thousand times before.
Romney didn't exactly "hog time". Obama got a full 5 mins or so more than he did. I watched the debate. The President was constantly looking down, pursing his lips, etc... A humorous look from a Taiwanese site I think -!

And yes, Obama launched his share of bald faced lies. He claimed Romney proposes a $5 trillion tax cut which isn't true. He claims that premiums have gone up slower in the last two years and it's because of Obamacare which isn't true. He claimed that he'd raise taxes only to the Clinton era levels which isn't true and he claimed his "$4 trillion" deficit reduction plan which isn't true either. But we're going to claim these are "half truths" though.
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