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Originally Posted by BigPeanutHead View Post
Not everybody one needs 128gb storage. 16gb and 64gb Micro SD is more than enough for me. Thats a lot of space. How many watched movies do you need on your phone at the same time?! I did well with a 16gb iPhone 4S never felt space restricted and you couldnt even expand that.

Most game Apps once finished I just deleted and got new ones, same when the albums got full. Even with 128gb eventually you'll fill it and need to do the same.

I'm also for the first time really going to utilise cloud storage for this phone something i never really took advantage of before, this will be for pics and videos taken on it, even more free space. Even considering spotify.

Unless your really going out to fill it, for the average person who uses their phone as a gaming, music device 16gb with 64gb extra will do you fine IMO. That's a lot of space man lol
It's not enough for me.

For apps like Flixster, the downloaded movies won't work unless they are on the internal storage. For most phones that have both internal storage, the total 16gb doesn't translate to 16gb of available space. It is usually partitioned a certain way, depending on the manufacturer. Just for example, the Motorola Photon is partitioned with 3gb (dedicated to apps), 8.92gb (available internal storage), and the remainder is not accessible (without rooting) for whatever bloatware/software is on the phone. So, that being said, I have the entire 8.92gb filled up almost to the max with 5 movies.

Now, considering what I do for a living, I also have 56gb filled up of my 59gb available on my microSD card (64gb is never truly available). And, that's withholding other content that should be saved on my phone, but I can't because I also use the phone for personal and work.
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