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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
Romney didn't exactly "hog time". Obama got a full 5 mins or so more than he did. I watched the debate. The President was constantly looking down, pursing his lips, etc...
Sorry but your ridiculing of the President's facial expressions doesn't equate to time. The truth is that Romney was constantly interrupting and demanding time that he didn't deserve. And the moderator did cave in and give it to him. I have the video as proof.

Since you brought it up, precisely what is so wrong with the President taking notes as Romney spoke? You did notice that was what the President was doing because you watched, right?

And yes, Obama launched his share of bald faced lies. He claimed Romney proposes a $5 trillion tax cut which isn't true. He claims that premiums have gone up slower in the last two years and it's because of Obamacare which isn't true. He claimed that he'd raise taxes only to the Clinton era levels which isn't true and he claimed his "$4 trillion" deficit reduction plan which isn't true either. But we're going to claim these are "half truths" though.
Considering how many contradictory claims that Romney has made, it's not fair to say that someone who tried to score a constantly changing story a liar. Although it's fair to say you have a difference of opinion about specific numbers ( thinks that the money saved by Obama ending Gulf War II shouldn't go to Obama's credit), calling him a liar over it is less than honest. The concept of an estimate is well understood. Estimates are not lies.

To his credit the President made the effort to make estimates and cite real numbers instead of saying "elect me and then I'll tell you". If you prefer a mystery plan over a real plan with numbers that will only "firm up" when it actually happens, that's your choice.
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